Demand for eco-bags continues to expand!

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  •  2020-03-10
  •  Our Performance
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.Demand for eco-bags continues to expand!
According to the different biodegradable materials, the sealing structure design, temperature control application, feeding and discharging process of bag making machine have unique designs.

Dipo Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd shares with you the information you need to know to enter the biodegradable market

* Which biodegradable raw material you are using? PLA? PBS? PHA? PBAT?
* Biodegradable raw materials have obtained national source and related certificates
* Biodegradable ratio or types of raw materials required by national regulations
* The category of biodegradable bags to be produced. T-shirt bag? Flat bag? Laundry bag? Fruit and vegetable bag? Garbage bag? Medical bag?

* Source and authority certificate of biodegradable printing ink country

Currently draw tape bags, soft handle shopping bags, laundry bags are made of PLA, PBAT raw materials.
Products produced by Dipo Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd are already on the market.

Welcome to write us to inquire about all kinds of biodegradable bag making machines