Meet us at Taipeiplas (Booth No. 1F, K0027)

  •  2018-06-01
  •  Exhibition
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.Meet us at Taipeiplas (Booth No. 1F, K0027)
A note from Eric Kuo:
Biodegradable Plastics are a way to address human carelessness.
The invention of PLA was to reduce the amount of plastic pollution in the world, but even after 20 years, due to the nature of human beings, the desired effects have not been reached.
The issue isn't the plastics, it's the way that we use the material.
Dipo, Changing The World Through Plastic Bags.
To learn more or discuss with us meet us at Taipeiplas booth 1F, K0027 ! We look forward to seeing you there!