Taiwan quality plastic bagging machine manufacturers, providing a wide range of plastic bag machines to meet all of your bag demands.is well-known for manufacturing plastic bag making machine, plastic bag machine, bag making machine.Bottom Seal Bag Making Machine. High Efficient Double Deck Sealing System Bags Making Machine With Auto Puncher.Fully-Automatic Shopping Bag Making Machinery.Computer control over the entire process.Automatically stop when running out of film.From film roll to final bag, one process flow.Automatically stop when color scanning misses.This High Speed Star-Sealed Core-less Garbage Bag Making Machine adapts computer controlling over the entire process, Servo Motor is standard attachment which makes adjustment easily, Auto stop when film running out or bags jam happened. High production efficiency to save manpower and time.

Garbage Bag Making Machine

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Garbage bags, t-shirt bags, flat bags and more

Raw Materials



1. Garbage bag making machine is equipped with servo motor for controlling bag length. Servo motor brand is Yaskawa, Japan.
2. The inverter is installed on the Garbage bag making machine for controlling the speed, reducing electrical consumption and making the Garbage bag making machine easy to operate.
3. Garbage bag making machine is equipped with Cold knife cutting design. The cutting blades of Garbage bag making machine are all using SKH3 material.
4. Garbage bag making machine is equipped with one sets sealed bars, two sets with single sealed line for making bottom sealed bags (top open bags), the other two sets with two sealed lines (to seal the bag on top &bottom) for making semi-products of t-shirt bags. Seal bar of Garbage bag making machine can be easily changed for shopping bags and plain bags.
5. The Garbage bag making machine is installed with a photocell (SICK) for accurate registration of film printing points.
6. The Garbage bag making machine has continuously working system, adopted with auto stopping alarm device. Garbage bag making machine will automatically stop when the film roll is empty.


Servo Motor: Yaskawa Japan
Photocell: SICK Germany

Suitable for many different types of folded bags, including garbage bags, t-shirt bags and flat bags.

Model KN4-321S KN4-421S KN4-501S
(Cycles / Min)
100 pcs/min 100 pcs/min 80 pcs/min
Max. 700 Max. 800 Max. 1000
Max. 1200 Max. 1200 Max. 1500
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