Dipo: Speeding up the arrival of sustainable economy by going green

  •  2018-08-30
  •  Exhibition
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.Dipo: Speeding up the arrival of sustainable economy by going green
Taipei Plas 2018 Exhibitor Interview

Dipo: Speeding up the arrival of sustainable economy by going green
—— An exclusive interview with the Sales Manager Eric Kuo.

Dipo machinery has entered the bag making machines and blown film machineries for over 30 years, it started to develop its own brand ‘Dipo’ since 8 years ago with a strong focus on environmentally-friendly bag making machines to assist users who are highly involved in producing products out of bio-degradable materials. At Taipei PLAS this year, the company will demonstrate their results, and we were able to interview Sales Manager Kuo before the show to discuss what a new plastics economy means to bag making machine manufacturers like Dipo.

Turning bag making machines into the source of environmentally-plastics products

Manager Kuo led us into the discussion of Dipo’s recent cooperation between customers who produce biodegradable bags. He passionately pointed out that this particular customer has successfully produced biodegradable bags that reached the EU certified standard of Compostable Plastics EN13432 and the US standard ASTM D 6400-04. “These plastics materials would contribute to the applications in bio-degradable bin bags, agricultural films and packaging films. Dipo’s role is to redesign each machine’s mechanical property and feature for the machine to fit for certain use. Thus it has taken 7 years for a high-end green bag making machine to be born”, explained Manager Kuo.

We then asked manager Kuo about the challenges on promoting bio-degradable plastics materials, he said the reasons for those who are still holding back from using greener plastics solutions can ae attributed to the higher price of biodegradable raw materials and also the limitation of longer storage time for such materials. He therefore is pushing for a wider recognition in the governmental level as well as the educational arena to achieve fundamental conceptual understanding, if not acceptance on green plastics economy. The biodegradable products produced from Dipo’s machine are at present running testing trails in the UK, the next steps in the future will be to conquer the barriers of long-distance shipping biodegradable materials, and abiding to different plastics standards across the globe.

Legacy of the old Dipo generates new innovation

Manager Kuo reflected on the early days when his father established Dipo, “the greatest change of today in bag making machines are the trend of personalization, which is essential to extra value for clients”, he remarked. Dipo has already upgraded all of its machines’ energy consumption level – moving from mechanical gears to frequency converter, and then to be equipped with full-servo presently. Dipo also applied the intelligent system to print serial number on bags, and the auto-packing system that radically decreased the labor needed during production. The intelligent serial number printing system has helped their clients increase the quality of management and efficiency at the factory, while receiving accurate info and feedbacks on every batch of product quality. “This kind of unique competency is what we are looking to create for our clients, and wish to meet like-minded buyers at Taipei PLAS this year!” Manager Kuo explained.

Dipo has attended Taipei PLAS for decades and is familiar to the currents of changes of the plastics industry – now, there must be abundant reasons for Dipo to advocate a new plastics economy, and lead the supply chain leaping into a cycle of environmental-friendly plastics.