2019 K SHOW Day4

  •  2019-10-21
  •  Exhibition
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.2019 K SHOW Day4
Plastic industry companies and associations are focusing on what can be done to improve the circular economy for plastics.  That means we need to find ways to recycle common bottles and more difficult items such as film and caps.

In the effort to implement the environmental protection of the earth, no one is absent from the individual, industry, academics, and government units. More perfect packaging, more environmentally friendly materials, and lower cost products.

The combination of composite material packaging and food preservation, transportation, the use of various materials such as PE OPP PVC plastic film and aluminum material to protect the food's taste and shelf life, can prevent the food packaging bag from being damaged during the transportation process, or lose the vacuum function. However, after compounding each characteristic material, it is still urgent to find a method for separating various materials.