Effects under COVID-19

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  •  2020-07-07
  •  Our Performance
DIPO Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.Effects under COVID-19
Since COVID-19 problem spreads continually throughout the world. The plastic bag industry has increased demand in related products, plastic gloves (disposable), plastic protective clothing (disposable), and plastic apron (disposable).

The automatic plastic glove machine of DIPO Plastic Machinery Factory rushed to ship 30 units at the first time, and the high-performance automatic production of plastic bag gloves played the best precautions at this timing. Disposable glove is the easiest product to prevent touching virus directly. 
Our new product, "Disposable plastic apron making machine” The disposable apron has filled the gap of insufficient supply of protective clothing under the surge in demand for medical-grade protective clothing. Using the characteristics of plastic, people don’t be exposed to various possible items of virus.

The disposable plastic apron was originally used in kitchens, cleaners or food factories, etc., and its purpose is simple hygienic isolation. At this timing, disposable plastic apron plays a role such as easy acquisition, reasonable price, and no need to wait for the time after sanitized, and so on, which greatly increased the demand.

In the world, due to COVID-19, there are some management, luck down, isolation and quarantine, so the working partners work on the production line can’t work. However, the automatic plastic bag packaging machine of DIPO Plastic Machinery also assisted the plastic bag factory to maintain the smooth production line and improve the quality of plastic bags.